December 13, 2013


nutpods is a deliciously wholesome, dairy-free creamer made from heart healthy almonds and MCT-rich coconuts with a rich and creamy balanced taste.

We believe that there should be an alternative option for the discerning and informed dairy-free coffee creamer user. Unfortunately, most traditional non-dairy and even natural dairy-free coffee creamers can contain many undesirable and artificial ingredients.  Natural creamers can be thin and watery; not rich and creamy. Unlike the existing options, nutpods is free from the following so you can be free to indulge:
-Sodium Caseinate (a milk protein)
-Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
-Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

 For a list of ingredients, please click on the photo of each flavor.


Keep Calm and ENJOY NUTPODS Poster

We did it!

We started our little company with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 ( Project Name: nutpods) to bring our much anticipated products to the commercial market. Our goal was to raise $30K to release our first delectable flavor, Unsweetened Original. Well, thanks to the generosity of 510 backers, WE DID IT! We were able to actually surpass our goal by $32,164!  The money raised will go towards converting Madeline's kitchen formula into a full-blown commercial formulation.  Funds will also be used on packaging, production and distribution costs.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we will soon be able to transform nutpods into a bona fide commercial production and make our wholesome and deliciously dairy-free creamy pods available to health-conscious coffee and tea lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your support in giving us the privilege to finally bring a more natural and wholesome option to the market!

The road back to exercise...and to me!

Last year, right before Christmas, I was walking back from the gym one morning and got hit behind by a Toyota Prius. I was in a marked crosswalk and never knew she was behind me until I was sailing up onto her windshield. 

Being hit by a car as a pedestrian is a club no one wants join and my life, and my family could have been changed in an instant. I had a concussion and my back and neck was in awful shape. I had a vertebrae out in my lower back, I could barely turn my neck, I had a sprained wrist when I landed on the asphalt and I had a nice road rash across my derriere to go along the bumps and bruises everywhere else. Most of last year's Christmas holiday was spent in various doctor appointments and frankly, in a lot of pain and discomfort. Not fun, but I'm still grateful because it could have been far worse.  A year later, I still have a bald spot where I hit her windshield with my head to remind me how lucky I am that I'm still walking and talking though it takes me a few extra minutes to style my hair so it doesn't show.

When we found out I was pregnant, we were in disbelief, ecstatic and nervous all at the same time.  Disbelief that I was actually pregnant (I can't tell you how many negative pregnancy tests I've taken), ecstatic because I was actually pregnant(!)  and nervous because, well. I was ACTUALLY pregnant!!  I knew that the added weight of a much-wanted pregnancy (normal is 25-30lbs) would be added strain on my already arthritic knees and injured back and neck.  This past year, between my accident and my pregnancy, exercise has been drastically pared down.  I couldn't do my normal workouts, but I could still walk.

For me, exercise is an important activity that makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself - mentally and physically. Mentally because, for that period where I'm working out, no one is asking me for anything. No little voices asking for a snack, or an episode of Strawberry Shortcake.  No masculine voices asking me to drop off some slacks for dry cleaning, no dirty dishes giving me silent requests to be washed and put away. I was consistent about my exercise time because it was MY TIME. Yes, sure, some days, I'd rather sleep in than to get up and out. But just like everyone says (because it's true), the endorphins I got during and after exercise was always worth it. I was back home by 7:30am and I felt already productive! And it made me less stressed which meant I was a more patient and giving mother and wife. 

The physical benefits of exercise are important to me from a functional standpoint. I want to be strong enough to lift my nearly 40lb daughter up on the monkey bars or haul a bag of potting soil (I like Black Gold's brand!) in the spring so I can welcome new plants (Tulips!)  in my empty patio pots.  Physical strength to me is empowering. It gives me endurance and stamina and it challenges my body and mind.  Exercise is much more about function and stress relief for me than it is about squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans. Though, liking how you look and feeling confident is a nice perk too! We are women, after all. Let's be honest. :)

As my own personal motivation, I fondly remember running in Malibu's 2011 Spartan 5K race with my good friends Paul and Lynsey Greive from Primal Pastures Ranch. I want to get back to that level of fitness and ability again. I want to be able to run again and now that Emily is turning 5, she's old enough to start entering some kid fun runs if she wants to.

I'm happy to share that I got my 6wk clearance from my OB and I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular exercise routine. Nothing crazy just yet. I need to ease back in.  Next up: Walking, Yoga and Pilates that will help me strengthen my core muscles again which will, in turn, help support my healing back! 

May exercise and strength reach you all this week. And beware of the stealthy Prius. They're so quiet you can't hear them coming...!






April 09, 2015

According to the best designers Always aragnre items on tables and in cabinets in threes, and in a kind of triangle shape with the largest and highest at the back and the others on either side. It creates lines in a rooom that are pleasing to the eye I don’t know why?


April 07, 2015

I’m finally back on low-carb after a serluosiy long break of like six months. I’m loving it again. I’ve been eating a good variety so far. Sausages, peameal bacon (maybe a Canadian thing), bacon, hamburger, pork chops, chicken, almond milk, water, coffee, cheese (goat, feta, string, marble), peanut butter, easy mixed greens salads in the container have all been on my menu this week! One of the things I do love about low-carb is that I get creative with my food much more so than when I’m not on it. I’m going to try an atkins shake, never tried those!Oh and can’t forget chocolate I like my 85-90% dark chocolate. I mixed some in my coffee the other night too and it melted into a nice mocha cafe, lol just needed whipped cream..

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