May 19, 2014


nutpods is a deliciously wholesome, dairy-free creamer made from heart healthy almonds and MCT-rich coconuts with a rich and creamy balanced taste.

We believe that there should be an alternative option for the discerning and informed dairy-free coffee creamer user. Unfortunately, most traditional non-dairy and even natural dairy-free coffee creamers can contain many undesirable and artificial ingredients.  Natural creamers can be thin and watery; not rich and creamy. Unlike the existing options, nutpods is free from the following so you can be free to indulge:
-Sodium Caseinate (a milk protein)
-Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
-Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

 For a list of ingredients, please click on the photo of each flavor.


Keep Calm and ENJOY NUTPODS Poster

We did it!

We started our little company with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 ( Project Name: nutpods) to bring our much anticipated products to the commercial market. Our goal was to raise $30K to release our first delectable flavor, Unsweetened Original. Well, thanks to the generosity of 510 backers, WE DID IT! We were able to actually surpass our goal by $32,164!  The money raised will go towards converting Madeline's kitchen formula into a full-blown commercial formulation.  Funds will also be used on packaging, production and distribution costs.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we will soon be able to transform nutpods into a bona fide commercial production and make our wholesome and deliciously dairy-free creamy pods available to health-conscious coffee and tea lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your support in giving us the privilege to finally bring a more natural and wholesome option to the market!

Trial and Error - by Audrey Wright


One of the most difficult things I have encountered through my personal food journey is the amount of trial and error involved with truly discovering and understanding what my body needs to feel its best. It has been a large number of hours spent on Google, my head stuck in a book or engaged in health magazine articles absorbing as much knowledge that I possibly could on all things food allergy related.

 In other words, I have been suffering from a bit of information overload.

 With new research and discoveries being made regularly and all sorts of trends and fads in the health and wellness field, it is hard to know who is right and who is wrong and where to look for the truth. What I have learned is that you can only take things at face value and must experiment for yourself. Turn your body into a “lab” of sorts. (Minus the lab coat and bubbling chemicals – I hope!)

 Whether you read a new article on the benefits of Vitamin D or heard from a friend that rubbing a certain oil on your joints will relieve arthritis, take everything you hear and choose what you want to apply to your life or toss in the reject pile. Not everyone is cut with the same cookie cutter, and our bodies individually have certain needs and certain things that make it feel well…good!

 I have often found myself getting so caught up in the latest montage of trends and health news and fall victim to the belief that I have to be doing EVERYTHING or else I am not properly taking care of my body. This way of thinking is exhausting, time consuming and not necessarily what is best for you or me. The bottom line is that certain foods make different people feel poorly. You may not even realize it, but with a little play and experimentation, you can find what makes you feel your best!

 So I have two different challenges for you all. Take a look and see which one of these challenges calls your name and give it a shot!

 The “Give it a Shot” Challenge:

If you are new to the world of food allergies, curious to learn more or just wanting to experiment around a little, this challenge is for you!

For three weeks, cut out one food, food group, restaurant, etc. Just pick one thing and go without it for this period of time. Write down how you feel, track any differences and observe how your body responds! I would love to hear your results!

 The “Do What Makes you Feel Good” Challenge:

This challenge is for those that are at a crossroads point in their food allergy journey. Overloaded with information or confused, take the time to reassess what you are doing. Is there something new you recently tried that has made you feel different? Was it good or bad? Or, take this opportunity to try something a little more “out there” that you heard about! Either way, take your personal knowledge to the next level!

 You can and will feel your best with a little experimentation! Try not to get overwhelmed and take it all one step at a time, as it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of information.

 You CAN do this!



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