October 08, 2014


nutpods is a deliciously wholesome, dairy-free creamer made from heart healthy almonds and MCT-rich coconuts with a rich and creamy balanced taste.

We believe that there should be an alternative option for the discerning and informed dairy-free coffee creamer user. Unfortunately, most traditional non-dairy and even natural dairy-free coffee creamers can contain many undesirable and artificial ingredients.  Natural creamers can be thin and watery; not rich and creamy. Unlike the existing options, nutpods is free from the following so you can be free to indulge:
-Sodium Caseinate (a milk protein)
-Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
-Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

 For a list of ingredients, please click on the photo of each flavor.


Keep Calm and ENJOY NUTPODS Poster

We did it!

We started our little company with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 (www.kickstarter.com Project Name: nutpods) to bring our much anticipated products to the commercial market. Our goal was to raise $30K to release our first delectable flavor, Unsweetened Original. Well, thanks to the generosity of 510 backers, WE DID IT! We were able to actually surpass our goal by $32,164!  The money raised will go towards converting Madeline's kitchen formula into a full-blown commercial formulation.  Funds will also be used on packaging, production and distribution costs.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we will soon be able to transform nutpods into a bona fide commercial production and make our wholesome and deliciously dairy-free creamy pods available to health-conscious coffee and tea lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your support in giving us the privilege to finally bring a more natural and wholesome option to the market!

Team Dairy-Free ~ Guest Post by Audrey Wright

Team Dairy Free!

Lately, a lot of people have gone "insert food group here-free", and dairy is no exception! With a host of benefits, eliminating dairy from your diet may be the next step in your food journey.


An increasing number of medical professionals agree that dairy, even raw dairy, is not the way to go. The vitamins found in dairy are more than likely synthetic; the milk from the cow being powderized; the natural nutrients are left destroyed and synthetic nutrients are added back in.

Cow's milk also induces a high insulin response in the body and individuals with blood sugar problems, diabetics and pre-diabetics or those who are insulin resistant should not drink milk or consume dairy. Furthermore, the population of cows today are not entirely healthy. All sorts of bugs, harmful bacteria and more can be found contaminating their milk; leading to gut disruption, skin problems and more.

So what happens when you remove dairy from your diet? Here's a list of the benefits experienced by those going dairy free:

  • Autism management
  • Clearer skin from issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Milder allergies (environmental and food-related)
  • Digestive health improvement
  • Weight loss


Many individuals have shared their personal stories of eliminating dairy from their diets with a great amount of success. Weight loss, migraine relief and significant drops in inflammation are just some of what people have experienced. I myself have been tested for dairy sensitivities and must avoid it. When battling an autoimmune disorder, allergies, autism and more, dairy can be to blame for a myriad digestive issues, inflammation and irritation within the body. Those who must adopt a dairy free diet can experience tremendous relief from some of these issues.

With a greater amount of the population looking to going dairy free, substitutions are now easier to find and more delicious than ever! So grab a carton of coconut milk ice cream and check out a few of the resources below for why and how you can make the transition to a dairy free lifestyle.

For more information on WHY and how to avoid dairy please visit:






Special thanks to Elke Kniss, PA, CCN at The Spring Center for Natural Medicine




A born-and-raised Texas gal, University of Texas student Audrey Wright had to learn on her own how to navigate the daunting world of school, social outings and life as a teen with Celiac Disease. She loves her family and friends, writing, cooking and staying active. Now more than ever, she wishes to share her discoveries, tips and tricks about practical food allergy survival and hopes to make things just a little bit easier for others. 



February 14, 2016

refried bean burritos w/cheesereplace ice berg lcuette with romaine in the salad bars. Get rid of chocolate milk and pop machines, instead offer OJ, apple juice or cranberry juice.Whole wheat english muffins with egg cheese sandwiches.Hard boiled eggsraw carrots, celeryfruit bar (apples bananas oranges kiwis melons pineapple)sweet potato oven friesBroccoli salads (many different kinds)Oriental cabbage saladhomemade oatmeal cookiesground turkey meatloaf with oatmeal BBQ sauceold fashioned sandwiches on whole grain bread


April 07, 2015

Chef salad, yogurt, plrezets. 3 things my 9 yo loves! They took the chef salad away cuz not enough of the grade school kids ate it. They also had cut veggies with ranch dressing and took that off too cuz no child except mine (apparently) would eat it. And they never had yogurt. I told her from the get-go it was a dessert. Now she loves it. And broccoli, spinach, and a lot of other veggies.They only have to meet a certain number with calories and fat for a meal to be accepted in schools. The best thing would be if you can pack your kids’ lunch every day. I work full time and hope that the school can provide a decent lunch. There are times though that she’s told me she had nachos for lunch. Not a real meal. And I pay for that crap!

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