March 28, 2014

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nutpods is a deliciously wholesome, dairy-free creamer made from heart healthy almonds and MCT-rich coconuts with a rich and creamy balanced taste.

We believe that there should be an alternative option for the discerning and informed dairy-free coffee creamer user. Unfortunately, most traditional non-dairy and even natural dairy-free coffee creamers can contain many undesirable and artificial ingredients.  Natural creamers can be thin and watery; not rich and creamy. Unlike the existing options, nutpods is free from the following so you can be free to indulge:
-Sodium Caseinate (a milk protein)
-Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
-Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

 For a list of ingredients, please click on the photo of each flavor.


Keep Calm and ENJOY NUTPODS Poster

We did it!

We started our little company with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013 ( Project Name: nutpods) to bring our much anticipated products to the commercial market. Our goal was to raise $30K to release our first delectable flavor, Unsweetened Original. Well, thanks to the generosity of 510 backers, WE DID IT! We were able to actually surpass our goal by $32,164!  The money raised will go towards converting Madeline's kitchen formula into a full-blown commercial formulation.  Funds will also be used on packaging, production and distribution costs.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we will soon be able to transform nutpods into a bona fide commercial production and make our wholesome and deliciously dairy-free creamy pods available to health-conscious coffee and tea lovers everywhere.

Thank you for your support in giving us the privilege to finally bring a more natural and wholesome option to the market!

Good. Cheap. Fast.

It's been about 7 years since I was in MBA school, but today, this lesson came back to me from the classrooms in dolby-surround sound.

"Good. Cheap. Fast." came to mind. In a nutshell, you can only fulfill 2 characteristics, but not all three. We have had a tremendous turnout for people that are excited and eager to try nutpods. We love our supporters but the truth is, we cannot be everything to all people. When we created our company, I knew what I wanted as our corporate values. I can't be high-quality ingredients and priced at .02/pod and in the market in 3 months. 

So as in a good marriage, I learned compromise on what was most important to me for nutpods:

1. Portability: I don't want to carry my homemade nutmilks in my mason jar and a cold pack anymore. This means I need a pod that can withstand the aseptic manufacturing process so we are shelf-stable and don't require refrigeration. Believe it or not, it's much more difficult than I would have thought to find a recyclable creamer cup that can withstand the aseptic process AND in the bigger size that we want for less waste. Who wants to throw away 4 of those OTHER little creamer cups when you can use say, 2 nutpods creamer cups.  How about a custom cup require high minimums and an expensive tooling fee. We need time to allow us as a company to build up to that minimum order and tooling fee or at least explore other options that are being developed. Meanwhile, we can look to other areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint.

2. High Quality ingredients: Two examples of this are: we use coconut sugar for French Vanilla and Original. I am insistent on not having carrageenan in our ingredients. Yes, carrageenan is considered "natural" being derived from red seaweed. You'll find it in about 90% of almond milks - shelf stable or refrigerated. But I'm uncomfortable with the research that keeps coming out about the detrimental effects of carrageenan even though I'm told it works like a dream as a stabilizer and emulsifier. It took us several iterations to work with other stabilizers and I'm happy to say that we think we nailed it.

3. Premium Pricing but not Prohibitive Pricing:  Our ingredients are high-quality ingredients and will be priced to reflect our costs to manufacture and produce a high-quality product. But I don't want it to be so expensive that only a very small segment of consumers can afford nutpods. I want the public to have all access to a better option for a better option; a wholesome option. 

There will be people that choose to continue to make their own creamers at home and will faithfully pack and carry them because they're home creamer/milks aren't "processed". There will be people that object to our cups being not compostable/recyclable (for now) because of issues about our foot-print (which honestly, we care about too!) and others yet that only eat organic. I respect them all for the choices they make in order to be true to their own personal beliefs.  I've learned to make peace with the fact that nutpods can't be all three. We won't be Good. Cheap. Fast.

But we'll be portable with quality ingredients.  And I can accept that with pride.

Thanks for your continued support!


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April 11, 2015

Hey Rachel Glad you liked it. We made it many times before we found the way that works best for us. The eiessat way to filter it is to buy a Toddy Cold Brew System, but those cost about $35. If you decide to do the homemade brew system like us, it is really important to scoop out as many grounds as you can with a large slotted spoon before filtering the coffee. This will help speed up the filtering process. The coffee filter method works, but still is time consuming. That is why we use flour sacks. You may have them in your house already but maybe you just call them something else. It is basically just a thin white dish towel. You can get them at almost any store and they usually come in packs of 3 or so.Thanks for asking this question. We are going to edit the post to help future readers in the brewing brocess!

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