Breaking news: nutpods customers report that product turns them into Beyonce for a day

SEATTLE, Wash., April 1, 2017 –

In the weeks following the Grammy awards show in mid-February, at least five nutpods customers reported that after they took three sips of their coffee with nutpods in a row and shouted ‘I love Beyonce!’ they subsequently turned into the singer for 24 hours. These customers all experienced this phenomenon while watching a recorded version of this year’s biggest music awards show of the year, during which Beyonce performed while pregnant with twins. All customers are now back to their original selves with no apparent side effects. Green Grass Foods, producer of nutpods, the Amazon Best Selling alternative to half and half made from almonds and coconuts, is thrilled with this feedback.

“We knew all along that nutpods has the power to improve your mood because it just makes you feel good when you put clean ingredients into your body, but we had no idea that it could completely transform people like that,” says Founder & CEO Madeline Haydon. “I ran 28 trials with our pilot product to make sure that it had the best taste and highest quality before putting it on the market, and it is just really exciting that all of that hard work actually created a product that can physically turn our biggest fans into their favorite celebrity. And really, who doesn’t want to be Queen Bey for a day?”

The customers that experienced these transformations were shocked but took the change in stride. “I use nutpods daily in my coffee and cook with it as well since one of my daughters is dairy intolerant and my husband is pre-diabetic. It is great stuff and gives us all the ability to enjoy our breakfast rituals and meals again.” says Norma, a 36-year old mom of three from Arizona. “I felt so amazing when I looked in the mirror after watching the Grammy’s and saw Beyonce. I spent the next day the way I thought Beyonce would have: helping out at my children’s school and pampering myself a little bit.”

Other customers who became Beyonce did some shopping with their new figures, took lots of selfies with friends and family, and checked in with their doctors. All of the primary care physicans contacted for this report said that the transformation was unexplainable but did no harm to their patients. “If anything, it gave my patient that extra boost of confidence she needed to go about her day with a spring in her step,” said Dr. Miller of Sibley Hospital Associates in Maryland.

nutpods says it does not know if this will work for other celebrities; it has only received reports of transformations into Beyonce and all changes have lasted 24 hours or less. Any customers who are experiencing this phenomenon should contact so they can be monitored to ensure safety and to send in their selfies for publication to the company’s Instagram page.

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