frequently asked questions

Q: What’s wrong with the existing non-dairy products on the market?

A: If you’ve looked at the ingredients lists on these types of products, you may find partially or hydrogenated oils, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinates (a milk protein), mono and di-glycerides, and artificial flavors and colors and carrageenan. We believe that there should be a more wholesome option for a non-dairy creamer. Our ingredients are simple, making nutpods the only “Nutty, dairy-free creamer” on the market. 

Q: I follow the Paleo/Omni Diet. Do your products contain refined sugars? 
A: Our Unsweetened Original and Unsweetened French Vanilla Flavors are Paleo and Omni friendly.  In fact, we are Whole30 compliant!

Q: Are your products Vegan? 
A: Yes! We do not use any animal ingredients. In fact, we don’t even cheat by using sodium caseinates (a milk protein) which is commonly found in “non-dairy” products. 

Q: What is the difference between non-dairy and dairy-free?

A: The FDA allows "Non-Dairy" brands to contain casein, typically called sodium caseinate (a milk derivative). Sodium caseinate is the milk protein,that's been processed to remove the lactose (or at least, most of it); hence the FDA considers it "non-dairy" even though it's from milk. What this means is that if you have lactose-intolerance, it won't upset your system because the lactose has been removed. But if you have milk allergies, or if you're vegan, or if your kosher/parve, it is still not a safe option for you because it contains milk.

Dairy-free is exactly that. Plant based, with no source from milk or dairy. 

Q: Your products tastes less sweet than other products on the market. Is this intentional? 
A: Very much so! Because everyone’s preference on the level of sweetness in their coffee/tea differs greatly, we wanted to leave the sweetness up to each individual person.  With nutpods, YOU can decide how sweet you want your coffee or tea to be. 

Q: What’s wrong with a soy creamer? 
A: 90-93% of soybeans in the United States are genetically modified. Research links genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to allergies, organ toxicity and other health issues. Soybeans also contain phyto-estrogens which mimic the effects of estrogen. To all of this, we say “No, thank you.”

Q: Nutty….so what nuts do you use? 

A: We love the wholesome creaminess of almonds and the natural richness of coconut. Together, the two work in perfect harmony to create a subtly flavored creamer that will never overwhelm your coffee or tea.  P.S. Almonds and coconuts are both botanically classified as a drupe and not related to tree nuts or peanuts. Nonetheless, the FDA classifies them as nuts.

Q: Are you available outside the US? Will you be?

A: As the dairy-free movement continues to spread like wildfire across the globe, we know it won’t be long until nutpods becomes the portable creamer of choice. We will first launch our company and products in the U.S. with the goal to eventually sell to an international market. 

Q: How do you make your products shelf stable so it doesn’t require refrigeration? 
A: Through our aseptic manufacturing procedure, our products go through a flash sterilization process for a very short period of time, destroying most microorganisms present including spores and cells. From there, the product is sealed and remains sterile throughout its intended shelf life or until opened. This is also why we don’t need preservatives in our products.

Q: Are your products Parve, Gluten-Free, and non-GMO Project Verified?
A: Our products do not contain any dairy (not even casein/caseinates!) or gluten. We will be working towards getting the appropriate food certifications for our products but first need to launch commercially.

Q: Who is Green Grass Foods, Inc?
A: nutpods is a registered trademark of a small, independently owned, family business called Green Grass Foods, Inc. In fact, meet the Haydons here

Q: What ingredients do your products contain?
A: We keep our ingredients as simple as possible. For a detailed list of ingredients, please visit our Products page for each flavor and keep in mind that we have our "kitchen formula" at this point which will be converted into a commercial formulation.  However, we are committed to keeping our products with the integrity of wholesome ingredients.