Finally, a dairy-free
alternative to half & half.

Deliciously wholesome, rich & creamy. Carefully crafted without sweeteners, GMOs, soy, carrageenan, or artificial flavors and colors.

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We started our little company with a Kickstarter campaign in October 2013. The goal was to raise $30K to converting Madeline's kitchen formula into a commercial formulation in preparation to launch. Thanks to the generosity of 510 backers, we successfully funded at $32,164! Thank you for your support in giving us the privilege to finally bring a deliciously creamy, wholesome option to the market!


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Blog: nutpods........the journey

Fan feedback is the best part of my day.

October 12, 2015

I love the days after we send our newsletters out because we get a small flood of emails back and it's a great way for us to get to know our fans and know what's on your mind.  Typically, we get several emails with similar themes:  Theme 1.  We love nutpods! (How lucky are we?? And we love you too.) Theme 2.  When will you ship internationally? (We just launched and need to work on expanding our domestic distribution but we are absolutely looking into the possibility of exporting nutpods. Thank you!) Theme 3.  We.Need.The.Pods. (After Hazelnut, we're hoping to launch the pods next!  You would not believe the amount of R&D involved on those little suckers).  Theme 4.  When's... Continue Reading →


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