almonds + Coconuts

Delicious, unsweetened and crafted from only the highest quality natural ingredients, nutpods creamer celebrates the versatility of almonds and coconuts and the power of plant-based foods, every day, and every way.



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The perfect plant-based pour.

Only natural ingredients and flavors. Certified Non-GMO.


nutpods is now in the refrigerated section

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nutpods is now in the refrigerated section

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A plant-based alternative to half & half for your sweet and savory recipes.

Let's get cooking!
"nutpods is a perfect fit for our line of approved products as it doesn’t contain any unhealthy additives or added sugar. So many of our followers find their morning coffee or tea ritual the hardest thing to change during our program, and now they’ll have an amazing replacement for their half-and-half or other sugar-laden creamer choice."

Melissa Hartwig Co-Founder, Whole30