Dairy-Free & Delicious

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Dairy-Free & Delicious

We use almonds and coconuts to craft a
wonderful dairy alternative for your coffee ritual.
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Get ready forlove at first sip
What is nutpods? It’s a delicious, dairy-free and froth-friendly creamer for coffee and tea. Made from our special, wholesome recipe of almonds and coconut cream and not much else. As coffee lovers ourselves, we spent years exploring alternatives that could offer the rich taste and consistency of dairy products. When we couldn’t find it, we made our own – that’s how nutpods was born. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
How are we different from other products?
How are we different from other products?
We use no more than nine ingredients in all of our creamer products.
Our Nine Ingredients
Good ol’ filtered H2O. It truly is the liquid of life.
A rich cream made from fresh coconuts provides the sweet creamy consistency for nutpods.
Finely ground almonds from California give nutpods our balanced flavor.
Just what it sounds like. We add just a pinch for flavor to create the taste of nutpods you know and love just like you might do in your own kitchen.
Our natural flavors are best defined by breaking the two words apart: Natural: all ingredients used to create the taste of nutpods come from plants. Flavors: we select specific flavor elements from these plants and blend them into a liquid form. Then we add them to our final recipe. Natural flavors help us create the nutpods taste you know and love.

This is a combination of minerals with a fancy name. It helps to prevent nutpods from separating in coffee.

Acacia Gum The naturally derived sap of the acacia tree (think maple syrup and a maple tree).

Sunflower Lecithin Very similar to acacia gum, it is extracted from sunflower seeds. Without it there is a risk of separating (think a separating vinaigrette salad dressing).

Gellan Gum An ingredient that helps the coconut cream and almond butter blend with the water. It also helps to provide nutpods a smooth, rich mouthfeel.

We use a combination of these three ingredients to help our product keep its consistent texture; without them the product would separate.

Third-Party Certified
So You Can just Enjoy

We believe you should have complete confidence in what you drink. That’s why nutpods is independently certified to be vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, Whole30® approved, and kosher.

Our 100% Happy Sipping Guarantee
If you’re not happy with your nutpods, we’ll refund your purchase or replace your product. Let us know how we can make things right.
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