February 28, 2017


Video Blog - Irish Cream

Our upcoming recipe for the month of March is our new St. Patrick's Day Irish Cream Recipe! Sure to make your holiday more festive and any hour the happiest hour.

January 23, 2017


Video Blog - New Years Resolutions

Are you still honoring your new years resolutions? Madeline confesses that she doesn't partake in the tradition. Also did you know you can cut calories in your meals by substituting nutpods in your recipes? Make it easier to reach your health goals!

January 19, 2017

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Video Blog - Store Distribution

Many of our fans ask us why we aren't in their local grocery store yet. The process is a lot harder then some might think. Madeline explains the process of getting into stores and what you can do to help.

January 19, 2017


Video Blog - Kickstarter Anniversary October Giveaways!!!

I know this is a little late.... October is our Kickstarter Anniversary!!! We want to thank you, our friends and fans for all your support. So we decided to make October our month of giveaways. Madeline talks about her Kickstarter days and introduces Senior Marketing Manager Michele who talks a little bit about the prizes you could win all month long. For more info please go to our website www.nutpods.com and click on the October Campaign image. Good luck and Happy Sipping!

January 19, 2017


Video Blog - New Recycled Packaging

We have exciting news. nutpods has transitioned to new recyclable wrapping around our four packs. Protecting mother earth one carton at a time.

January 19, 2017


Video Blog - Message to Working Mom's

Madeline confesses to the guilt she feels when it becomes harder to juggle a family work life balance especially as the summer season is coming to an end.

July 28, 2016


Video Blog - Message to our Vegan Fans

In episode 2 Madeline dives into the question, are we still a vegan friendly brand? She also has an exciting announcement to make. What is it you ask? You'll just have to watch to find out. Happy Sipping!

July 04, 2016


Video Blog - Our Certifications

Episode 1 of our newest nutpods video blog series. In this episode Madeline, CEO and Founder of nutpods goes into detail about the products certifications and why she believes them to be important. nutpods is certified: non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan & Kosher. Paleo-friendly and Whole30 Approved. What certification is most important to you? Please let us know by commenting below. We love and value feedback. Happy Sipping!

February 01, 2016


Taking a short break.

We are working as hard as we can to get nutpods to each and every one of you in your corner of the U.S. so we'll be taking a short blog break to focus on distribution.  Ask for us in your local grocery today!  Thanks so much for your support of nutpods.
January 11, 2016

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Being David.

Why, Hello there. It’s been a while. 

I heard from some of you that you wanted to see my blogs again.  Truthfully, it’s been such a busy launch year for us at nutpods that I thought it was something that wouldn’t be missed but I’m glad some of you missed it. 

Because I missed it too; I missed having a personal way to voice who I am in the nutpods brand. There have been so many new customers and new friends that some may not even know who I am, despite my name being on every carton of nutpods. 

Hi.  My name is Madeline Haydon.  I created nutpods because I was just like you.  I am dairy-free and was tired of choosing between processed creamers and the thin and watery healthy ones.  I missed half and half in my coffee and I wanted something that I could use in baking and cooking as well.   Have you ever tried mashed potatoes with almond milk? Coconut milk?  I have.  

If you want to know more about the brand and the products, please get to know me in my earlier blogs.  

In this post, I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about being different.  You know when you’re a kid, they tell you to have the courage to be different?  Well, it turns out that that lesson still applies even when you’re in your 40s and starting a food business. 

There are so many ways that we are different from our competition:

  1. We’re a family-owned business, not a mega food company.   I’m not a figure head, but a real person.  Forty-two, wife, mother, founder.  I’m proud of the products I’ve created and put my name on every single carton. I also read every review on Amazon.  I love the positive ones and I learn from the negative ones.  And I’m grateful to all consumers that care enough to take the time to review our products.  
  2. We’re unsweetened.  When I started out, I was told to NOT be unsweetened.  I was told that “sugar sells in America” and that “sugar tastes good” and I’d be too limited if I hung my hat on being unsweetened.  Look, sugar isn’t the devil here.  We just think you all should get to choose what kind, and how much.  Or none at all. So grab your maple syrup, simple syrup, honey, agave…whatever color packet you prefer.  nutpods was always about giving the consumer a CHOICE.
  3. We’re shelf-stable and don’t require refrigeration until you open us. That means for our consumers they can buy us online (while we build out our distribution), they can stock up on us in their pantry, and they can toss a couple in a ziplock and pop us into their checked luggage for international travel.  What’s not to love?  And, in case you’re wondering we do it all without any preservatives at all.
  4. Sip with us.  Bake and Cook with us too. We have been so lucky to have been featured with so many bloggers in recipes…sweet and savory.  Beverages and more.  We are happy to be a part of  your coffee mug, a partner with your Earl Grey tea cup, and part of your baking and cooking experience too.  

It’s hard to be different.  I’m not a seasoned food executive.  I was just a consumer, like you, wanting to have a better option and ended up not wanting to wait any longer for the product I wanted to buy.  And to have paid consultants who HAVE been in this food and beverage industry tell you you’re going against the grain…well, is scary.  I was told that this category is dominated by the big food companies (Nestle, Whitewave size big) and I’d be competing with them as an unknown.  I was told that unsweetened wouldn’t sell as a value proposition and that selling online and in a shelf-stable package wouldn’t be wise.  And I paid them and listened to them.  And I agonized about these decisions.  But in the end, I listened to my gut.  I wanted to offer something different for consumers like me, and I’m so glad I did.  I took the step this past year, with a product that is true to what I wanted to bring to market and you all have responded with a resounding chorus of appreciation of what we’ve created.  Thank you!  

So while I feel like David vs Goliath, I feel so very blessed to be part of your lives at all.  We want YOU to love being dairy-free with us.  Thank you for letting us be part of your lives. And if you love us, please share us with your dairy-free or trying-to-be-dairy-free friends. 

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