Cocoa-Vanilla Coffee



  1. IN a French Press, combine your desired amount of coffee, raw cacao and water per the formula above. For one person, 4 Tbs of ground coffee, 2 Tsp of raw cacao and 12oz of boiling water is enough for one standard size cup of coffee.
  2. SET a timer for four minutes. After one minute has passed, gently stir the mixture with a wooden skewer, chopstick or wooden spoon.
  3. IN the meantime, pour leftover boiling water into your ceramic mug. Once mug is warmed, discard the water and add the desired amount of nutpods Vanilla creamer to the mug.
  4. WHEN four minutes has passed, gently plunge the French Press to filter the coffee. If you meet resistance, simply pull the plunger back to the top and plunge again, taking care not to plunge too forcefully. This technique will help you to avoid bitter coffee.
  5. POUR the coffee into the mug, stir to combine coffee and creamer. Find a quiet nook to relax in, and sip while you wake up slow.