No Creamer is Dreamier

nutpods Oat is our nut-free answer to the dairy-free dilemma.
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No Creamer is Dreamier

nutpods Oat is our nut-free answer to the dairy-free dilemma.
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Glyphosate Residue Free

nutpods Oat creamer brings the best of what we have to offer but with the rich velvety texture and balanced taste oat milk enthusiasts love. It’s unsweetened, but packed with flavor and oaty creaminess that adds a thick, luscious, and utterly divine mouthfeel to your morning cup of joe—plus, no nut allergens! For those who like to start their day as smooth as can be.
Inside our oat products

A blend of filtered water and finely ground, gluten-free oats that give nutpods Oat it’s distinctive flavor.

We use high oleic sunflower oil for its natural taste and to provide the right creamy consistency in nutpods Oat.

Our natural flavors are best described by breaking the two words apart.

Natural: all ingredients used to create the taste of nutpods, come from plants. Well, except the salt.

Flavors: we select specific flavor elements from these plants, and extract them into a liquid form. Then we add them to our final recipe.

Natural flavors help us create the nutpods taste you know and love. Without these natural flavors, nutpods could not be Whole30 approved, or entirely unsweetened.

This is a combination of minerals which helps prevent nutpods from separating.

This is a combination of minerals with a fancy name. It helps to prevent nutpods from separating in coffee.

Very similar to acacia gum used in our nutpods Unsweetened recipe, it is extracted from sunflower seeds. Without it there is a risk of separating (think a separating vinaigrette salad dressing).

A plant-based ingredient that comes from beans used to help the oat stay blended with the water.

Just what it sounds like. We add just a pinch for flavor to create the taste of nutpods you know and love just like you might do in your own kitchen.

An ingredient that helps the oat stay blended with the water. It also helps to provide nutpods a smooth, rich mouthfeel.


What is the difference between nutpods oat and almond + coconut creamers?

Both nutpods oat and almond + coconut creamers are deliciously unsweetened and are made from naturally derived ingredients. Our almond + coconut products are balanced and bright and made with no grains, while our oat creamers are rich and velvety and made with delicious whole grain oats. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Are nutpods oat products sweetened with anything?

No, we created our oat creamers with no sugar or sweeteners so you can choose your own preferred sweetener and sweetness level, or none at all.

Are your oats gluten-free?

The oats and all other ingredients in nutpods oat creamers are certified Gluten-Free. Our oats are tested by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). GFCO sets the highest standards in quality control and assurance for GF certification involving plant audits, equipment testing, and product testing both in the plant and at point of consumer purchase.

How do nutpods oat creamers have 0g carbs?

Based on FDA nutrition rounding rules, our oat creamer nutrition panel accurately states 0g carbs since there is less than 0.5g of carbs per serving. Our product is made with whole oats though, so please understand that having more than one serving includes a small amount of carbohydrates. nutpods are not intended to be consumed in a single sitting as a beverage but can be incorporated as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Do nutpods oat products contain nuts?

No, our oat products are made from oat milk and other natural ingredients and don't include any nuts or nut derived products. However, they are made in the same facility as our nut-full options. While we require thorough cleaning and inspection on equipment between allergens to prevent risk to our customers, we do not recommend you consume our products if you have any form or level of tree nut or peanut allergies.